The Brightest Flashlight On The Market

Most people have a flashlight at home, but let’s be honest, most flashlights kind of suck.

What most people have is a cheap flashlight with barely any brightness and short runtime. And when they need it, either the batteries are dead, or the light is too weak for the job. That’s a shame because a decent flashlight can be the perfect tool for roadside emergencies, walking in the dark, and even self-defense.

That why James Peterson, a military engineer, decided to create the most powerful flashlight available to everyone. After 2 years of research in military facilities and testing different prototypes, Elite Tac was born.

Meet Elite Tac

Elite Tac is the first affordable military flashlight available to the public. It features the strongest LED technology around. With Elite Tac, you can light up immense areas and even blind and disorient attackers.

Utility cord
5 Powerful modes
Military-grade materials
Strong zoom-function

A Different Mode For Every Situation

The Elite Tac is an all-in-one flashlight that can be used in any situation. Thanks to the impressive LED technology, the Elite Tac is able to put out a stunning amount of light. The casing is made out of military-aircraft-grade aluminum and is resistant to dust, water and shocks.

The Elite Tac has 5 different lighting modes for different situations:

Low, medium, and high mode

The strong LED beam could blind someone, be careful when using this mode.

SOS mode

If you’re ever in an emergency use this mode to send an SOS signal.

Strobe mode

Use this function to get someone’s attention from far away or to blind an attacker.

Elite Tac features

Elite Tac is the first flashlight with built-in survival and emergency features. Made out of the strongest materials, this flashlight is built to last!

Strong LED Technology

Powered by the most advanced CREE LED technology in the market.

5 Modes

High, medium, low, strobe, and SOS function


Made from aircraft-grade aluminum


Waterproof to IP65 Standard

Adjustable zoom

Up to 2000x zoom

Utility Cord

To take it everywhere you go

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Elite Tac. People all over the world are using it right now and have shared their experiences with us.


Absolutely excellent, top-of-the-line flashlight! Caution... Do not let children play with this, and do not shine this in anyone’s face unless for self-defense! This thing will definitely temporarily disable someone’s sight!


I purchased this flashlight for my husband’s hurricane preparedness kit. The Elite Tac arrived on time and in perfect condition. It’s perfect! Highly recommend!


I’ve had this flashlight for about six months. It’s a great light. Every time I hear something near my house in the night, I can just open up the curtains in my room and inspect the area without going outside. I have surprised several people at night.


If you are looking for an incredibly bright flashlight that is solidly built, then buy the Elite Tac! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s so good! The built-in utility clip and magnetic base really make this flashlight stand out from others.


I really like the Elite Tac. As advertised, it is extremely bright, much brighter than any of the other flashlights I have ever had.


I bought an Elite Tac the other day, and I personally love it! I can now light up my whole garden with the push of a button. I definitely recommend this to everyone!


This light is amazing! I live in the countryside and my home is surrounded by fields, it is mind-blowing to see how far I can shine with it!


Wow, I was shocked. This small flashlight shines like a spotlight. I’ve never owned a flashlight that lights up an area as good as this one. I would highly recommend this product! You get what you pay for, and this product is definitely worth the money.


This is such a cool flashlight. So bright. High beam, low beam, and emergency features! I’m thinking about giving it as Christmas gifts this year. It’s lightweight but very well constructed.