A Bloody History Of Vaginal Destruction After Indulging In Sex

By Christine Peat MAR 03, 2023
in Women's Health

Late last year, Anna's mother went to the hospital for a gynecological checkup and tested positive for HPV 68, which is likely to cause cervical cancer. The news almost crushed Anna's mother. Anna said her mother cried the whole night. "That was probably one of the worst darkest days. I just remember feeling like a big hole had opened up.", she said.

Finally, she underwent a Leep procedure to remove the diseased part of her cervix. 
The good thing is, the recovery after the surgery was good and the HPV test turned negative. She is healed.

Although the ending was happy, her healing process was extremely painful. From infection to cure, not only was the cost enormous, the pain suffered was enough to break her mother. 

"The colposcopy had to open up the vagina, it was very painful, my legs were weak    afterward and I cried all the time."
"Not only that, but after the Leep procedure, medication had to be inserted into the vagina."
Her mother also faced tremendous emotional stress during the treatment process.
"I no longer have a normal intimate life, and after meeting acquaintances at the hospital, word got out about my infection and it always felt like someone was talking about me behind my back."
"I often had trouble sleeping during the treatment, especially when I had to wait for the report after the test, I was on tenterhooks."

She said with great regret, "I should have taken it seriously when I had the inflammation, I thought it was common and didn't take it seriously. The doctor said it was because I didn't treat it in time and the long-term inflammation led to poor immunity. Thus, the virus is not easily recovered by detoxification on its own and can only be treated by doing surgery."

58% Women Suffer From Recurrent Vaginal Disorders

Anna's mother's story is a wake-up call for us: treat health issues with importance and never take any chances.

According to NCBI survey data: the incidence of common gynecological diseases among women in the United States is as high as 87.5% or more, of which, recurrent episodes of more than 3 times account for 58%.

Gynecological inflammation, which tends to recur even when there are mild symptoms in the early stages, can seriously affect work, social life, and even destroy self-esteem.

Under the topic of "how painful is gynecological inflammation", there are many embarrassing scenes of "social death": 

"I sat in the back seat of my friend's car and suddenly the whole space was filled with the smell of salted fish. Everyone was silent."

"When working, the vagina suddenly itchy, like a million bugs crawling, afraid to be seen by colleagues, can only hide in the bathroom scratch."

"My husband wanted to have sex with me tonight, but when I took off my clothes, I saw a pile of white scum on my lace panties and lost the courage to continue."

Because it is difficult to talk about these troublesome little secrets, women usually choose to solve them in secret. Try many methods that do not work, more horrible is that the leucorrhoea crumbs become more and more, the vulva is scratched to redness and bleeding, and the underwear is always wet.

The most fearful thing is the arrival of period, because when it comes, you know that those diseases are going to recur, It's really annoying!

Is There No Way To Deal With Recurring Vagina Problems?

Definitly, and without bad side effects.

"The key to solving recurrence lies in the cleanliness of the inner vagina and the immunity of the mucous membranes."

This was the idea put forward by the Swedish scientist Professor Bengt Ingemar Samuelsson, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1982.

He created the basis of the modern theory of inflammation, in his opinion, with a high level of inner vaginal cleanliness, balanced vaginal flora and strong mucosal immunity, the chances of inflammation reoccurring will be greatly reduced.

In the process of researching inflammation, Prof. Bengt Ingemar Samuelsson discovered that flavonoids, Cedrene, Kochia saponins Ic and other ingredients extracted from plants are particularly friendly to the vagina, and he formulated excellent ratios that are natural antibacterial agents with no safety risks, thus obtaining the international invention patent number WO2017028777.

Now this patented formula has been applied to many hospitals at home and abroad. The core principle is to inhibit and replenish bacteria through a variety of plant extracts, thus improving the cleanliness of the inner vagina and the immunity of the mucous membrane.

MysAngel applied for this patent, combining recombinant collagen, L-arginine and lactate, over a period of 5 years and in a 28-day clinical trial with 1000 participants, to finally launch this natural detoxifying vaginal gel.

How Does MysAngel™ Natural Detox Vaginal Gel Work?

MysAngel™ Natural Detox Vaginal Gel is applied to the vagina via a sterile disposable applicator and then absorbed through the mucous membranes, helping to naturally eliminate toxins and waste through the vagina within 2 hours. It has a significant positive effect on women suffering from vaginitis, uterine effusion, irregular periods, vaginal odor and itching.  

MysAngel™ Vaginal Gel is mainly composed of natural plant extracts that act on the vaginal mucous membrane to effectively inhibit bacteria, purify and moisturize, and relieve itching and pain. It is completely free of side effects after use.

● Kochiae Fructus Extract
Contains Kochia saponins Ic, Cedrene, 20-Hydroxy-24-methylecdysone and other ingredients, which have excellent inhibitory effect on bacterial growth, restores the balance of normal vaginal flora and effectively eliminates vaginal odor and bacterial inflammation.

● Cnidium Fruit Extract
Recognized to have a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effect to relieve itching, while repairing the pain brought on by women's uterine cold, and can clean up residual vaginal dirt from sex, abortion, menstruation, etc.

● Chrysanthemum Extract
Enriched with flavonoids, terpenoids and organic acids, it strongly repairs the elasticity of vaginal muscle fibers, improving the sense of tightness and contraction, and enhancing the quality of sexual life.

● Sophora Flavescens Aiton Extract
Sophora Flavescens Aiton has a magical effect on increasing vaginal moisture, deeply nourishes and effectively improveing the painful feeling of dryness.

● Recombinant Collagen
Collagen is a key ingredient for skin regeneration. The research team added recombinant collagen beneficial to human absorption into the gel through experimental editing and reorganization, which can effectively help the vaginal skin regenerate and restore firmness and tenderness.

● L-Arginine
L-Arginine is clinically proven to be absorbed through the mucous membranes, which could strengthen your lymphatic system, unclog blockage and create healthy detoxification pathways to reduce waste that builds up in the vagina.

● Lactobacillus
Lactobacillus Helps the vagina restore the balance of normal vaginal flora and inhibits the reproduction of harmful flora such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, and so on. Effectively eliminates vaginal odor and bacterial inflammation. Unblocks the body's detoxification channels.

Finally, it helps the body's endocrine system and metabolism to return to normal, giving you a healthy, instant itch stopper, tight, girly pink vagina and reducing water and fat retention in the body, helping to restore a healthy body shape. 

What Are Women Saying About MysAngel™ Vaginal Gel?

"I've tried other gels and they usually make my lower body uncomfortable, this gel is very helpful, it's gentle and no irritation. After using one treatment, the dirty discharge became significantly less. I really like it." 
‒ Zoey Clayton, 38

"Ladies, I have used it for two days and can't wait to recommend it to all of you. Every time I use it, I'll discharge a lot of dirty things. I was shocked to see it. I didn't realize there was so much hadden dirt in my body!"

‒ Laycy Garza, 43

"After using two courses of treatment, the discharge become clear and silky, and no more dirty things came out, and there is no odor like before. My vagina is so hydrated after each use."
‒ Alysha Stein, 47

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